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Kam'afbit 🔊 🍎 (柑仔蜜 tomato) iaqsi zhaokhi'ar 🔊 🍎 (臭柿仔) iaqsi thomaftoq 🔊 🍎 (Jidguoトマト tomato) si cidciorng Kiøar-khøf kiøar-siok ee sidbut. Y ee koefcie thanghør zhveciah iaqsi zøx zhaesef, kakafng liawau oexsae zøx kam'afbidcviux kab kam'afbidciab. Kam'afbit ee goansafnte si Laam Byciw ee Andes Svoameh.

Kam'afbit ti Taioaan texkhw hoxlaang kiørzøx "thomaftoq", cit'ee suu si uix tomato/トマト laiee goaxlaigie.


Regional Differences


  • kam'afbit: Tainan, Kaohsiung
  • zhaokhi'ar: Taipei, Gilaan
  • thomaftoq: Hsinchu, Taitiofng, Logkarng


Region tomato
Logkarng thomaftoq (トマト)
Samkiab zhaokhi'ar
Taipag zhaokhi'ar (臭柿仔)
Gilaan zhaokhi'ar
Tailaam kam'afbit
Tvafkao kam'afbit (柑仔蜜)
Kimmngg kam'aftef (柑仔得) / zhaokhi'ar
Mafkefng kam'afbit / hofcvybit (虎井蜜)
Sinteg thomaftoq / hoankiøo (番茄)
Taitiofng thomaftoq

adapted from THCWD Regional Differences Table #0261 (蕃茄) (in Chinese). Ministry of Education, R.O.C. 2011.

Main entry: THCWD Entry #5106 (柑仔蜜) (mob / wt / d) (in Chinese). Ministry of Education, R.O.C. 2011.

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