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(η–Šθ©ž; reduplication)



In Taiwanese, triplication refers to repeating a syllable three times for emphasis. For example, "aang" means "red". Something extremely red is "aarng'ang'aang πŸ”Š" (η΄…η΄…η΄…). Generally, the first syllable must undergo tone change to the rare rising tone (#6; see Tones of Taiwanese).

  • kaao'kauxkau πŸ”Š (厚厚厚; thick)
  • zeerng'zexngzeng πŸ”Š (靜靜靜; quiet)
  • kiirm'kimkym πŸ”Š (kym; 金金金; extremely golden)
  • khuiie'khuikhuy πŸ”Š (ι–‹ι–‹ι–‹; wide open)
  • thoor'thothoo πŸ”Š ( ; to fail/lose completely)
  • kaao'kaokaux πŸ”Š (ε€ ε€ ε€ ; very sufficient, see kaokaux)
  • siirn'sirnsixn πŸ”Š (?; ?)
  • kof'kofkor πŸ”Š (叀叀叀; ancient)
  • leerng'lefnglerng πŸ”Š (ε†·ε†·ε†·; extremely cool)
  • seek'segsek πŸ”Š (η†Ÿη†Ÿη†Ÿ; very acquainted)
  • took'togtok πŸ”Š (獨獨獨; very alone)
  • siaap'siapsiab πŸ”Š (ζΎ€ζΎ€ζΎ€; very astringent)
  • siip'sipsib πŸ”Š (sipto; very moist)