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Below is a chart of the Tones of Taiwanese and correspondence to Tones of Middle Chinese (yin/yang, im'ioong).
The seven tones of Taiwanese.
Order (順序) Name (調名) Description 調值 POJ MTL
listen 🔊
listen 🔊
1 陰平 (yin level) Køtiau-ym (高平音; High Tone) ˥˥ 55 a af 獅 (say
2(6) 上 (rising) Sioxngtut-ym (高降音; Shouting-Out Tone) ˥˩ 51 á ar 虎 (hor
3 陰去 (yin departing) Extut-ym (下突音; Low Falling Tone) ˧˩ 31 à ax 豹 (pax
4 陰入 (yin entering) Tef-Chiok'ym (低促音; Low Short Tone) ˧ʔ ah aq 鱉 (piq),鴨 (aq
5 陽平 (yang level) Hoesoaan-ym (迴旋音; Curving Tone) ˨˦ 24 â aa 熊 (hiim),牛 (guu
7 陽去 (yang departing) Kitiau-ym (基調音; Basic Tone) ˧˧ 33 ā a 象 (chviu
8 陽入 (yang entering) Køf-Chiok'ym (高促音; High Short Tone) ˥ʔ a̍h ah 鹿 (lok
  • Tone 6 used to be a distinct tone, but has long since merged with tone 2
    • (Lukang still has the 6th tone (陽上聲), which has merged with the 2nd and 7th tones in other dialects of Taiwanese.)
    • Tone 6 is used in reduplication
  • Chart adapted from 臺灣話#.E8.81.B2.E8.AA.BF


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