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Tangsai'ar 🔊 (同姒仔; the women whose husbands are brothers)

Logkarng tangsǎi'ar / teglie (妯娌)
Samkiab tangsǎi'ar
Taipag tangsai'ar
Gilaan tangsai'ar / teglie
Tailaam tangsai'ar
Køhioong tangsai (同姒)
Kimmngg tangsai
Mafkefng tangsai`ar
Sinteg tangsai'ar
Taitiofng tangsai'ar

adapted from Regional Differences Table #0973 (妯娌), Entry #2193 (同姒仔) (mob / ME), TBSS (in Chinese), Ministry of Education, R.O.C., 2011.