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Taiwanese phrasebook (Source)

Phrase List


Lie hør 🔊! / Lirn hør 🔊
Lie hør`bøo? 🔊 
How are you?
Hoangeeng kongliim 🔊. (歡迎光臨
Lie ciaqpar`boe 🔊? (你† 食飽`未?) 
How are you? (Have you eaten?)
Ciaqpar`aq! 🔊 (食飽`啊†
I have eaten!
Bexbae! Ar lie`leq? 🔊 (袂䆀‡, ä½ `咧†?) 
Not bad! , and you?
Cyn-hør, tøsia. 🔊 (真好,多謝
Fine, thanks! (informal)
Hør, kafmsia. 🔊 好,感謝 
Fine, thank you. (formal)
Lie kiøx symmih miaa? 🔊 (ä½  叫 啥物‡ 名?) 
What's your name?
Goar ee miaa si... 🔊 (我 ee 名 是...) 
My name is ...
Cyn-hvoahie ka lie segsai! 🔊 
Nice to meet you!
Chviar... 🔊 
Please... (before a request)
Paethog 🔊 (拜託
Mxbiern-khehkhix 🔊 (毋免‡客氣
You're welcome
Si 🔊 (是
Yes. (Note:Only some questions are answered with this. As with other varieties of Chinese, affirmation is generally done by repeating the verb in the question.)
Mxsi. 🔊 (毋是‡
Phvaysex 🔊 (歹勢‡
Excuse me. (begging pardon) / I'm sorry. (informal)
Sitlea 🔊 (失禮
I'm sorry. (formal)
Zaekiexn 🔊 (再見
Zaehoe 🔊 (再會
Goodbye (informal)
Goar bexhiao korng... 🔊(我 袂曉‡ 講...) 
I can't speak... [well].
Goar bexhiao korng Engguo 🔊 (我 袂曉 講 英語) 
I don't know how to speak English
Lie karm exhiao korng Enggie? 🔊 (ä½  敢 會曉‡ 講 英語?) 
Don't you speak English?
Ciaf kafm'u laang exhiao korng Enggie? 🔊(遐† 敢有 人† 會曉 講 英語?) 
Is there someone here who speaks English?
Kiuolaang! 🔊 (救人‡!) 
Siøfsym! 🔊 (小心!) 
Look out!
Gauzar 🔊! (gau早) 
Good morning.
Hør armmii. 🔊 (好 暗暝。) 
Good evening. (Amoy)
Boafn'afn 🔊 (晚安
Good night.
Hør khuxn 🔊 (好 睏†。) 
Good night (to sleep)
Goar thviabøo. 🔊(我 聽 無†。) 
I don't understand.
Piexnsor ti tøfui? 🔊 (便所 佇 佗位‡?) 
Where's the bathroom?
Lie cyn suie 🔊! (你 真 媠†
You are beautiful