Taiwanese Romanization System

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Taioaan Lømafji Pheng'ym Hong'axn 🔊 🍎 (臺灣閩南語羅馬字拼音方案 Taiwanese Romanization System) (TRS: Tâi-uân Lô-má-jī Phing-im Hong-àn)

Dialectal Vowels

In TRS, r denotes dialectical vowels such as found in han-tsîr (hancii), (also in lauxsw), 螺 lêr in zhanlee. Lukang, Sanxia, Taipei, Kinmen, Magong, Hsinchu tend toward Quanzhou pronunciation, and will be the dialect areas tending to use these vowels. Lukang also has 6th tone vowels (see Logkarng-khviw).

Dialectical vowels
Tâi-lô IPA Bopomofo Description Example # Entries
ir ɨ close central unrounded vowel, between i and u hii, hancii, lauxsw 56
er ə Schwa / mid central vowel zhanlee ~90
ee ɛ open-mid front unrounded vowel, between a and e (see 廈門) 0
ere əe Schwa + e, exclusive to Samkiab hoefkef, zuykoef 35

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