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Taitiofng (臺中 Taichung) ti Taioaan saihvoa ee tiongpo, si tør-siong texsvaf toa ee sviachi, siepvy lorng ho Taitiofng-koan paw tiaau leq.


  • The name Taitiofng (Jidguo臺中 Taichū; "central Taiwan") was bestowed by the Japanese rulers after Taiwan was ceded to Japan by the Treaty of Shimonoseki (1895).
  • Was called Toaxtwn (大墩 Toatun) since 1705, before being designated by the Qing as capital of the island prefecture (Taioaan-huo) in 1887. Tailaam had been the capital for the previous 200 years.
  • The government intended to only temporarily move to Taipag while Toaxtwn was being upgraded...however, the move became permanent.