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MTLP (MTL Plus) is a format where all syllables of a word in Modern Taiwanese Language (MTL) are written in original tone (pre-tone sandhi) and delimited by a plus sign (+).

Thus MTLP retains the information lost when a high tone (#1) or curving-up tone (#5) are followed by more syllables because they both change into basic tone (#7).

For example, la'ar could be decomposed into laf+ar, laa+ar, or even la+ar, but the only valid one is laa+ar.

MTLP is also useful for looking up definitions of sub-words using FireDictionary.


Taioaan Taai+oaan
høflaang h0r+laang

Note: In MTLP, the ø is represented with a 0 (to avoid encoding issues). When there is a grave accent (`), it will not be preceded by a plus sign.

Online Converter

Limitations of reverse (MTL to MTLP) conversion

  • cannot determine whether original tone of inner basic tones was high or curving-up
  • does not consider tone sandhi exception for basic tone followed by "ar"
  • examples: "la'ar" is decomposed into "laf|laa+ar" but does not return "la+ar", which is also a possibility.