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MTLN: a version of MTL where words are broken down into syllables, and each syllable is spelled in neutral basic tone or high short tone. The citation tone (i.e. the original, pre-sandhi tone) is indicated by a number. This format is similar to ASCII-only Peh-oe-ji (POJN).

For example, the MTLN for Taioaan is Tai5-oan5, the POJ is Tâi-oân, and the POJN is Tai5-oan5. In this case, the MTLN and POJN are identical.


MTLN a b c(i)/z ch(i)/zh e g h i j k kh l m n v ng Q/0 o p ph s t th u
POJN a b ch chh e g h i j k kh l m n N ng o p ph s t th u
  • The vowel ø may be replaced with Q or 0 to stay within ASCII.
  • When back-converting from MTL to MTLN, there is ambiguity whether "Tai" was 1st or 5th tone before sandhi. The MTL Toolbox converter by default will output a high tone (#1).

MTL Word Constructor

  • MTLN to MTL Word Constructor - Helps you write an MTL word when you know the syllables in numbered tone format (MTLN). Useful for migrating from POJ to MTL.