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Lefpaejit (Sunday) itpvoaf ma korng paejit iah lefpaix , si cidee lefpaix tiofng ee cidjit, giap ti lefpaelak kab lefpaeid cy kafn.

Ti kokzex piauzurn ISO 8601 laixtea, paego si cidlefpaix ee tøexchid cidjit, mxkøq ti jidsioong tiofng ma tvia sngx zøx thaau cidjit.


  • Yes, there are three different ways to say Sunday!
  • lefpaejit 🔊, lefpaix 🔊, and paejit 🔊
  • lefpaix also means week, or prayer

1 lefpaix ee 7 jit

Lefpaeid · Lefpaeji · Lefpaesvaf · Lefpaesix · Lefpaego · Lefpaelak · Lefpaejit

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