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Chienchiw (韆鞦 swing (seat)) six cidkhoarn cyn sikviaa ee gyn'ar-sngr.

Sngr citkhoarn oaqtang høxzøx hvaix-kongchiw/hvaix-chienchiw.


Region to swing (on a swing set)
Logkarng hvaechienchiw
Samkiab hvaezhanchiw
Taipag hvaekongchiw (幌公鞦) / hvaekhanthiw
Gilaan hvaetiongchiw (幌中秋)
Tailaam hvaezhanchiw
Køhioong hvaechienchiw (幌韆鞦)
Kimmngg hiuochienchiw
Mafkefng hvaechienchiw
Sinteg hvaechienchiw
Taitiofng hvaetongchiw / hvaekongchiw (幌公秋)

adapted from Regional Differences Table #0029 (盪秋千), Entry #9448 (幌韆鞦) (mob / ME), TBSS (in Chinese), Ministry of Education, R.O.C., 2011.