Khix (toxngsuu)

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Khix ( to go/to drop; to throw away)

Usage Note

khix is an exception to the normal tone sandhi rules. Its tone changes to the high short tone when followed by another word. For example, in "Lie beq khix tøfui 🔊?", it's spoken as khih (as if it was originally written khiq) Normally, a Tone 3 (Low Falling Tone, Extut-Ym) word will change into Tone 2 (Shouting-Out Tone, Sioxngtut-Ym).

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Logkarng khɨx
Samkiab khɨx
Taipag khux
Gilaan khix
Tailaam khix
Køhioong khix
Kimmngg khɨx
Mafkefng khux
Sinteg khɨx / khix
Taitiofng khix

adapted from Regional Differences Table #088 (), Entry #1405 () (mob / ME), TBSS (in Chinese), Ministry of Education, R.O.C., 2011.