Common Taiwanese phrases

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Common Taiwanese phrases, written in Modern Literal Taiwanese

Lie hør! 好! 
Ciaqpar`boe? 🔊 食飽`未? 
Hello. (Literally, "have you eaten your fill?")
Hør, tøsia! 🔊 好,多謝
Good, thanks!
Hør, kafmsia! 🔊 好,感謝
Fine, thank you. (formal)
Bexbae! 🔊 袂䆀 
Not bad.
Lie ee miaa si symmih? 🔊 
What is your name?
Goar ee miaa si 🔊 ... 
My name is ______ .
Cyn-hvoahie ka lie segsai! 🔊 
Nice to meet you!
Paethog 🔊 
Kafmsia. 🔊 感謝 
Thank you.
Mxbiern-khehkhix! 🔊 毋免客氣 
You're welcome. / That's OK.
Phvaysex! 🔊 歹勢 
Excuse me. (begging pardon)
Lie beq khix tøfui? 🔊 
Where are you going?/Where do you want to go?
Bøo-buxntee! 🔊 
No problem.

SKBC (Siongkoafn ee buncviw)