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Ciangciw-oe (漳州話 Zhangzhou dialect) si Ciangciw laang ee bwguo, maxsi Banlamguo Høxlør-oe extea ee cidky gwgieen.


  • Source of the southern accents of Taigie, esp. Gilaan and Taitiofng
    • In the early 20th century, Ciangciw-speaking Hoklo people were dominant in the south and perhaps the central plains as well (Davidson 1903).
  • A number of pronunciation and lexical differences exist between the Taiwanese variants.
  • Ciangciw-oe is the source of the western terms Amoy ([e˨˩mui˧˥]) and Quemoy ([kim˧˧mui˧˥]).
  • Another distinguishing feature of the coastal speech (esp. Gilaan) is the use of the vowel "vui" in place of "ng": png, pvui 🔊
  • Modern Literal Taiwanese spelling follows the Ciangciw tone sandhi