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Banlamgie (閩南語 Min Nan; Southern Min speech) / Banlaam-guo


"Southern Min" refers to a language family spoken in Fujian and nearby areas. In common parlance, it usually refers to Hokkiexn-oe. Amoy and Taiwanese are both combinations of Zoanciw-oe and Ciangciw-oe. The language family also includes Teochew, which has limited mutual intelligibility with Amoy.

Banlaam can trace its roots through the Tang Dynasty. Because of the widespread influence of the Tang culture during the great Tang dynasty, we find today still many Banlaam-style pronunciations of words shared by Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese languages.

English Chinese characters MTL Korean Vietnamese Japanese
book zheq chaek cuốn sách saku/satsu/shaku
bridge kiøo kyo cầu kyō
dangerous 危險 guihiarm wiheom nguy hiểm kiken
flag kii ki kỳ ki
insurance 保險 pøfhiarm boheom bảo hiểm hoken
news 新聞 sinbuun shinmun tân văn shinbun
student 學生 hagsefng haksaeng học sinh gakusei
university 大學 taixhak tae hak đại học daigaku