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Bexhiao 🔊 (袂曉 to not know how to do/to not know) / bøexhiao

Logkarng boě / boěxhiao
Samkiab boe / boexhiao
Taipag boe / boexhiao / boexhiarng
Gilaan be / boexhiao / bexhiarng
Tailaam be / bexhiao
Køhioong be () / bexhiao / bexhiarng
Kimmngg boe
Mafkefng boe
Sinteg boe
Taitiofng be / bexhiao

adapted from Regional Differences Table #0818 (不會), Entry #6684 (袂曉) (mob / ME), TBSS (in Chinese), Ministry of Education, R.O.C., 2011.