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Exmngg (廈門 Xiamen; Amoy) / Exmuii si laam Tiongkog Hokkiexn-serng hayhvoa Banlaam textai ee cidee huosefngkib sviachi. Exmngg huokin u Ciangciw, Zoanciw. Exmngg zafkii ti kokzex bwtaai ee miazhefng høxzøx Amoy; zef si kinkux Banlamgie ee hoat'ym. Hiexnzwsii Amoy kab auxlaai ee Xiamen (Hoaguo hoat'ym) lorng u laang iong.


Xiamen was the port of trade first used by Europeans (mainly the Portuguese (Portugal-laang)) in 1541. It was China's main port in the nineteenth century for exporting tea. As a result, Hokkien had a major influence on how Chinese terminology was translated into English and other European languages. For example, the words "Amoy" (廈門/下門; Exmuii), "tea" (茶; tee), "cumshaw" (感謝; kafmsia), and "Pekoe" (白毫; peqhøo), kowtow (磕頭; khaothaau), and possibly Japan (Jidpurn) and "ketchup" (茄汁; kiøzab) originated from Hokkien. The words "Amoy" and "Quemoy" (金門; Kimmuii) more specifically originate from the Ciangciw accent of the Amoy dialect.