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The compound vowel øe 🔊 🍎 is dialectal: generally e in the south (Køhioong) and oe in the north (Taipag), although in some words, it's the opposite. Examples:

Unified Spelling Southern Northern Meaning
pøeq peq poeq eight
bøea bea boea to buy
bøea boea bea tail
gøeh goeh geq month


  • The verb øe (; to be able to / to possibly / will) is shortened to just e in most places.
Region the verb e
Logkarng e
Samkiab əe
Taipag oe
Gilaan e
Tailaam e
Tafkao e
Kimmngg e
Mafkefng e
Sinteg e
Taitiofng e

adapted from THCWD Regional Differences Table #407 () (in Chinese). Ministry of Education, R.O.C. 2011.

Main entry: THCWD Entry #9595 (會) (mob / WT / ME) (in Chinese). Ministry of Education, R.O.C. 2011.

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